Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven

The last story written by Mark Twain, this novel was published in 1909. Captain Elias Stormfield is the main character of the book which details, among other things, his long journey to Heaven through the cosmos.  From the book:

We roared and thundered along side by side, both doing our level
best, because I’d never struck a comet before that could lay over
me, and so I was bound to beat this one or break something.  I
judged I had some reputation in space, and I calculated to keep it.
I noticed I wasn’t gaining as fast, now, as I was before, but still
I was gaining.  There was a power of excitement on board the comet.
Upwards of a hundred billion passengers swarmed up from below and
rushed to the side and begun to bet on the race.  Of course this
careened her and damaged her speed.  My, but wasn’t the mate mad!
He jumped at that crowd, with his trumpet in his hand, and sung

“Amidships! amidships, you! {1} or I’ll brain the last idiot of

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