Christian Science

In this novel by Twain, he humorously attacks the practitioners and belief of Christian Science, only later to seemingly change his stance on the matter.  From the book:

There is an account of a boy who got broken all up into small bits by an
accident, but said over the Scientific Statement of Being, or some of the
other incantations, and got well and sound without having suffered any
real pain and without the intrusion of a surgeon.

Also, there is an account of the restoration to perfect health, in a
single night, of a fatally injured horse, by the application of Christian
Science.  I can stand a good deal, but I recognize that the ice is
getting thin, here.  That horse had as many as fifty claims; how could
he demonstrate over them?  Could he do the All-Good, Good-Good,
Good-Gracious, Liver, Bones, Truth, All down but Nine, Set them up on the
Other Alley?  Could he intone the Scientific Statement of Being?  Now,
could he?  Wouldn’t it give him a relapse?  Let us draw the line at
horses.  Horses and furniture.

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