The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

Here’s a brief passage from The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg:

“My friends, you have known us two–Mary and me–all our lives, and I
think you have liked us and respected us–”

The Chair interrupted him:

“Allow me.  It is quite true–that which you are saying, Mr. Richards;
this town _does_ know you two; it _does_ like you; it _does_ respect you;
more–it honours you and _loves_ you–”

Halliday’s voice rang out:

“That’s the hall-marked truth, too!  If the Chair is right, let the house
speak up and say it.  Rise!  Now, then–hip! hip! hip!–all together!”

The house rose in mass, faced toward the old couple eagerly, filled the
air with a snow-storm of waving handkerchiefs, and delivered the cheers
with all its affectionate heart.

The Chair then continued:

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