The Mysterious Stranger

Book Excerpt:
He encouraged us not to fear supernatural things, such as ghosts, and
said they did no harm, but only wandered about because they were lonely
and distressed and wanted kindly notice and compassion; and in time we
learned not to be afraid, and even went down with him in the night to
the haunted chamber in the dungeons of the castle. The ghost appeared
only once, and it went by very dim to the sight and floated noiseless
through the air, and then disappeared; and we scarcely trembled, he had
taught us so well. He said it came up sometimes in the night and woke
him by passing its clammy hand over his face, but it did him no hurt; it
only wanted sympathy and notice. But the strangest thing was that he had
seen angels–actual angels out of heaven–and had talked with them. They
had no wings, and wore clothes, and talked and looked and acted just
like any natural person, and you would never know them for angels except
for the wonderful things they did which a mortal could not do, and the
way they suddenly disappeared while you were talking with them, which
was also a thing which no mortal could do. And he said they were
pleasant and cheerful, not gloomy and melancholy, like ghosts.

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