Tom Sawyer Abroad

Apparently their orinial adventures weren’t enough for them, as we again see Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn together in this book published in 1894 by Mark Twain.  In the book the pair of them fly to Africa in a futuristic hot air balloon, and they see and survice a great many things. Here’s a brief excerpt:

There was one thing that kept bothering me, and by and by I says:

“Tom, didn’t we start east?”


“How fast have we been going?”

“Well, you heard what the professor said when he was raging round.
Sometimes, he said, we was making fifty miles an hour, sometimes ninety,
sometimes a hundred; said that with a gale to help he could make three
hundred any time, and said if he wanted the gale, and wanted it blowing
the right direction, he only had to go up higher or down lower to find

“Well, then, it’s just as I reckoned. The professor lied.”


“Because if we was going so fast we ought to be past Illinois, oughtn’t


“Well, we ain’t.”

“What’s the reason we ain’t?”

“I know by the color. We’re right over Illinois yet. And you can see for
yourself that Indiana ain’t in sight.”

“I wonder what’s the matter with you, Huck. You know by the COLOR?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“What’s the color got to do with it?”

“It’s got everything to do with it. Illinois is green, Indiana is pink.
You show me any pink down here, if you can. No, sir; it’s green.”

“Indiana PINK? Why, what a lie!”

“It ain’t no lie; I’ve seen it on the map, and it’s pink.”

You never see a person so aggravated and disgusted. He says:

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